Well today was useless. Almost no action, and now little direction in the market. The volume today was pitiful, thus helping confirm that today showed little to no action/direction. In an ideal situation we would have the same amount of volume except we would have gone to Friday's highs again, this would create a superb shorting opportunity. Personally, I would be all cash going into tomorrow. We closed right on the 200 SMA and that just tells me there is too much uncertainty. if you own positions right now, there is no reason to sell them because we did not move at all today. If you want to start a position  there is no reason to do that either. There was no reversal, and very low volume, lethargic day.

Apple proved again it was weak although it did stay above the pivot low it formed last Friday. No one should be entering this long after today, and no one should be exiting long or initiating shorts either. Wait for more direction and confirmation. You will be glad you did. 

Google, as I had tweeted (@BenCBanks) multiple times over the weekend and posted here last Friday, a bounce in Google is much more likely to be more powerful than a bounce in Apple. That proved to be the case today. While Google closed the day green, Apple did red. If you own Google now from the pivot low on Friday, then stick with it! It is working in your favor! If you do not, do not start one. It is still below some key MA's and has a lot to prove. It does look better than Apple however.

Overall, the market was weaker again today with little volume. We managed to stick around the 200 MA for a little bit but that is not saying much. A continuation of base forming is likely. I will wait for a reversal signal to get long, or an up day with light volume to enter short. Have a nice day. 

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