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Welcome back to the daily analysis. We saw another move today showing MORE power and proving we want higher. I said yesterday that I finally felt comfortable being all long and having great confidence. I said this because I started to see everything line up again. Techs coming back (Apple specifically , the banks having a POWERFUL day, and finally, the forgotten leader, the homebuilers. As of right now we may be a bit extended and I would be looking for some consolidation tomorrow or in the coming days that holds higher. I would NOT be looking buy right now (as this would be chasing) and at the same time, this is also not a place to short. Play it smart, and it looks like right now, cash may be a good position. 

Apple I mentioned yesterday formed a reversal signal and could have reached a short term bottom. It looks as if that is true. Right now it needs to get over the 555 mark to get anywhere. Again, i would not chase this price. Measure commitment on a pullback. 

Google is hanging in there. I like the action and if it can hold around this are we could see another move higher and could potentially test the highs before their earnings report. Wait a couple more days though to see if you can get some more sideways action.

Amazon broke out today, I mentioned it in my Daily Analysis yesterday saying it looked like a perfect bull flag. Right now, I would not chase but I would exepect it to test the highs and surpass them very soon. 

The banks ($C $BAC $JPM $GS $MS) all had AMAZING days and weeks. As of right now, I would not be buying but on a pullback, oh yes. BUY the banks. Keep a close high on them now as they are leading us higher.

Below are some charts with notes I have compiled. Your welcome. 

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12/18/2012 16:57:42

Nice job again, Ben. Thanks for adding PCLN and FFIV.

Ben C Banks
12/18/2012 18:46:39

Thank you! Glad I can help.

12/18/2012 18:01:16

I enjoy reading your posts every day. Great job. Thank you.

Ben C Banks
12/18/2012 18:47:00

Thank you! Means a lot!

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12/19/2012 07:34:09

Very nice Blog.


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