If anyone follows charts they would know that this trade could have been a lot better. I did make money and a decent amount but still is not that good. I saw all the banks breaking out and $GS forming a higher low with a tight pattern so I got in; this was all good. I think sold the same day because it fell too much intraday for me to like. It went on to close at the highs of the day and rocketing 8 more points after that in the coming days. I lost out of a potential HUGE winner, but that is ok. Here is what I learned --

Did well -
1. Pattern recognizing. 

Could improve on - 
1. My swing trading mentality  I was using a day trading mentality (from my iPhone, again) on a swing trade. This should have not happened. It is a swing trade and there is no reason to have super tight stops intraday.

Overall, good trade and I am glad I participated. 

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